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12 Magically Awesome Clone Camera Apps

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12 Magically Awesome Clone Camera Apps

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Can you see the twin of yourself? Often I see the images of the exact same person in different poses in a single picture and think about them as a double sided. However, I was wrong because most of this is the magic of android apps that clone your image in various styles. Clone camera programs have the ability to produce more than 3 persons like you in 1 photo doing a variety of things. The idea will probably be clearer if you focus on the above image. It is possible to see that the woman exactly the identical but her poses and facial expressions are distinct in one photo shot.

Clone camera Apps for android are large in numbers but only a number of them are efficient. Zoogle has gathered the best cloning apps in this article for your ease.



Clone Yourself — Split Pic is a versatile cloning camera app that let you to clone yourself over 2 times in seconds and employ stunning effects for your split pictures. The app also lets you create multiple mirror photos and adjust them in beautiful frames or borders about which zoogle has already talked in the prior articles.

Clone Yourself Camera FreeClone Yourself Camera Free
Mit Clone Yourself Split kannst Du dich ganz leicht und einfach in Fotos klonen.



Split Pic is a next gorgeous clone camera program for android and it allows you to pick the region from where you wish to understand your clone photos. You are able to resize, filter and frame your own pictures. The best characteristic of the cloning camera program is that it lets you

make quick transitions involving the facetime Camera and the front Camera. You can even turn your images to hilarious images and cartoons.

Split Pic 2.0 - Klone dichSplit Pic 2.0 – Klone dich
Klone dich – Vermische Körperteile – Erschaffe deinen eigenen Geist



Instasplit clone camera program gives a variety of options to clone yourself and improve the attractiveness of your photographs. Such as the cut paste photo programs this cloning camera app can change the sections of the pictures, split and mix them together with one another to create a new picture. To save and discuss the photo is also possible with Instasplit.

Instasplit:clone&split cameraInstasplit:clone&split camera
Die eleganteste App von Split und Klon-Kamera



DMD Clone camera program for android has the capacity to clone your pictures Over 7 times in various backgrounds and directions. You can select the “whilst style” and built-in image stabilization for perfect results. If you find something unnecessary in your clone picture then you might also wipe it.

DMD CloneDMD Clone
Voll automatisierte Klonen App. Keine Notwendigkeit für manuelle Einstellungen, keine vorgegebenen Rahmen.


5 5. CLONE CAMERA by Here You Are

Clone camera is a really easy to use and most effective cloning camera program for android. It’s possible to produce different and contrasting clone pictures with special filter effects such as sepia, posterize and so on. The flash light is not essential for carrying the shoots with this particular clone camera program.

Clone Camera (Clone-Kamera)Clone Camera (Clone-Kamera)
Machen Sie einen Menschen in 2~4 Avatare mit unterschiedlichen Haltung in 1 Foto


6 6. CLONE CAMERA by Peta-Vision

Create eye-catching clone photos in HD quality for this particular clone camera app. You can crop, filter and preview your clone pictures prior to sharing them on social networking. This cloning app can also be a beacon of light for the photographers that are new in this field.



Twin Me! Clone Camera program for android will automatically clone your Photographs in distinct components and layouts. You can enhance the timer and remake the existing clone photos. Just in a couple of moments your friends are going to have the ability to find the photographs on face book, whatsapp and other networks.


8 8. ClonErase Camera

ClonErase Camera: Easily clone or remove objects and people!

With ClonErase Camera you can make people appear multiple times on the same image – or eliminate unwanted passersby from your shots.

Insert one of 11 imposing consequences that additionally highlight the clones or selectively modify the backdrop

ClonErase works fully automatically: No need for any marking of clone areas or choosing a split design! It’s so simple to make stunning results!


– A humorous picture presenting you a few times in various poses

– You don’t need any pedestrians on your photograph of a monument? Easily remove them with ClonErase by shooting several shots; it unites all uncovered image parts to a new photo.

– Action shots – unite several stills of a motion sequence into one picture

– You climbed the mountain summit together but there is nobody to have a picture with the two of you? Just take two photos each with among you, ClonErase creates a photo showing both.


9 9. Clones by MaaDoTaa

Take three images of the same scene while the subject moves to different Places and this program will produce a composite picture that comprises the subject in all three poses combined (see the screenshots).


10. PicClone – Clone yourself in photo and Apply Effects for kik

PicClone – Clone yourself in photo and Employ consequences for kik

Now it’s not difficult to create clone by using PicClone program. It supports both Horizontal and vertical layout.


It permits you to adjust frame from the finger touch. You can even apply several effects to your selected image. It has the ability to create image by melding two different images. This app is very easy to use.


10 11. DoubleMatic Pro by InMethod s.r.o.

Make realistic pictures of you and your clone within a couple of seconds! State of the art image stabilization and mixing technology with fully automated image processing. No more challenging framing and precise trimming of photographs, DoubleMatic can manage everything in seconds automatically!  Just take three shots in the same place, wait a few seconds and enjoy the results or discuss them with friends and family via Facebook or Twitter!


11 12. Clone Magic by TIEN NGUYEN VAN

If you want to impress your friends with your photographs, Clone Magic will help you accomplish that. It’s one of the simpler to use cloning apps available From the App Store, enabling you to receive your desired results with little effort.


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