8 Wondrous Things That You Can Do With Your Smartphone

8 Wondrous Things That You Can Do With Your Smartphone   Smartphones Have replaced so many devices in our own lives that there doesn’t seem to be a limitation to this trend. We at Androidjv.info found 7 ingenious features and apps to help you overcome some Everyday problems and make your life much easier. And […]


Best Smartphone Browsers for Android

Best Smartphone Browsers for Android Dolphin browser – Best Smartphone Browsers for Android Dolphin – Best Web Browser Free The best browser with flash player, lightning speed & fast download experience Dolphin browser has seen a whole lot of success on android and it’s easy to see why. It has continually been a fan preferred […]


Useful Notes Android Apps for Devices at Androidjv.info

There are numerous situations when you want to write something speedy but you do no longer discover the pen or page and in all this procedure you could bypass the proper facts. For example, if someone is telling you his e-mail identification, home cope with or something most vital for then you definitely there are […]


Zuckerberg: Over 1m Humans Use Virtual Reality Every Month

The yearly oculus connect developer convention is mainly, as the name implies, for builders within the oculus and gear VR (Virtual Reality) ecosystems, however the standard mind-set of the convention and the people there has a tendency to prefer addressing digital truth extra holistically. At this yr’s conference, Facebook founder and ceo Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated […]

Pokemon-Go reference: All of The conditions you have to understand! What’re some Pokemon-Go conditions?

Make sure toare speaking the terminology together with your coaches as Pokemon-Go gets control your lifetime. Listed here are the essential conditions which are utilized through the Pokemon-Go world. Pokémon GO Free Step outside and catch Pokémon in the real world! Collect & battle with others. Battle Combat Power (CP) Opponent Bonus Eggs Development Candy […]

Spotify features new Gaming class with soundtracks and playlists from your favorite games

I am no avid player: questions, math activities, brainteasers, something that does not include plot turns, that is my jam and takes a little bit of thinking. But I understand lots of people that are obtained releases classics or by games, and that I realize that the music totally fascinates most of them. Spotify Music […]

Aviary Photo Editor provides option, change device, and fonts to clone results between pictures

Iam sure I’d quickly possess a handful of thousand dollars right now easily had a penny for each picture manager I run into on Android. But Aviary is somewhat different. Adobe obtained it in 2014 due to the big choice of results and filters, and also the organization continues to be improving it since: free […]

Logitech Pop may be the switch that handles your home

A good house is every geek’s desire, therefore it is excellent to determine the concept getting increasingly more of the truth, with Home, Alexa, Google Associate (quickly), and Appleis HomeKit producing our houses better and automatic. Item manufacturer Logitech, which currently has got the Harmony Remote , is contributing to its variety using associated application […]