Hide or Private Text Messages Android Apps

Are you looking Hide or Private Text Messages Android Apps? Have you ever been engaging in titillating conversations in your cell phone? Or maybe you’re making plans international domination along with your co-mastermind? Whatever the motive may be, on occasion you need to have a personal verbal exchange. Text messaging is outstanding, but not like a smartphone name, it leaves a smooth-to-study communique in its wake. We’ve got some available apps which allows you how to hide text messages and  be able to keep those personal conversations private.


Top  android apps to hide textual content messages

Hide SMS and Call Recorder (Free)  Private Text Messages Android App

Here’s an app that permits you to save you people from spying to your private conversations at the same time as also allowing you to record personal conversations. This app acts as your text messaging app. All of your messages, calls logs, and contacts are covered. If you’re very paranoid about spies, that is the app for you.

Message Locker (Free) Private Text Messages Android App

Message Locker – SMS LockMessage Locker – SMS Lock
Lock all your messaging apps with one secure PIN / Pattern.

How to hide text messages apps , App 1 : Message locker can not most effective lock your text messages, however additionally different messaging apps you may use. With this app, you could add a pin/pattern lock to all of your messaging and email apps. One pin/sample will lock them all. It automatically detects messaging apps in your cell phone. The entirety from hangouts to snapchat can be locked.

Private Message Box (Free)  Private Text Messages Android App

Private Message Box : Hide SMSPrivate Message Box : Hide SMS
Hide your private conversations

How to hide text messages apps , App 2 : Private message field is a manner to automatically put messages from certain humans behind a wall of protection. You may add quite a number as a “private touch.” any messages from that touch will be mechanically moved to the app. And in case a person unearths the app on your phone, it requires a pin to open.

Private sms & call (free) Private Text Messages Android App

Private SMS & Call - Hide TextPrivate SMS & Call – Hide Text
Build your private space.

How to hide text messages apps , App 3 : This app sets up a personal space for your telephone where you could upload any contacts in. After that, incoming and outgoing messages among private contacts might be saved in that private area. They gained’t be proven inside the public messaging app. You may even hide the app icon so that no person will note the life of the app for your telephone.

Vault-Hide SMS (Free) Private Text Messages Android App

Vault-Hide SMS, Pics & VideosVault-Hide SMS, Pics & Videos
Hide pictures, videos, SMS, call logs; text message lock apps; private bookmark and browser.

How to hide text messages apps , App 4 : One of the maximum effective apps for hiding messages is vault-cover text message lock app . You can create “private contacts,” whose messages will be routinely hidden. But the app takes it a step further. You could create a decoy vault with faux hidden statistics. If someone insists which you have hidden messages, simply display them the decoy. This is best text message lock app

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