Download Why My Fitbit is not Charging

Why My Fitbit is not Charging?

Why My Fitbit is not Charging?

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Why My Fitbit is not Charging 2

Fitbti is a wireless watch type wearable device, through which you can monitor your physical fitness and follow the goal of fitness set by yourself, you can measure your every physical movement, like walking steps count, sleeping time and quality and many more, you can also sync your fitbit with your PC as well, in short this is something that a sports man or a fitness lover need. While using fitbit for a long time may experience its charging issue, and of course you are reading this article, “Why My Fitbit is not Charging?” because you may have this issue with your fitbit, so here I will try to explain some possible reasons of fitbit’s no charging issue and also explain their solutions as well.

Some possible causes of Fitbit’s charging issue is here.

Examine USB port for charging Fitbit

Download Examine USB port for charging Fitbit
Examine USB port for charging Fitbit

This is very possible reason of Fitbit’s no charging problem, you should try to change USB port to charging your Fitbit, and many times it happens due to faulty USB port, try to charge with different USB ports and see is it working now.

Fitbit is not connected to the charger in Right way

Download Fitbit is not connected to the charger in Right way
Fitbit is not connected to the charger in Right way

May be your Fitbit is not connected in the right way to your charger, to conform this please reconnect your fitbit, remove it from charger and reconnect it very carefully, make sure pins on the charger must connect securely with device. Once correctly inserted you will notice a vibration and also an icon of battery on your tracker and it will goes after 3 seconds. That’s the right way.

Contents on Fitbit could be Rusty

Download Contents on Tracker could be Dusty
Contents on Tracker could be Rusty

One of very common reason of charging failure is dusty or rusty charging contents, due to dust or rust the points or contents on tracker it becomes non-conductive and it stops the electricity passing from it and this will cause charging failure, but don’t worry and follow the steps to remove this dust.

  • Take some petrol or spirit and also some cotton ear buds.
  • Dip the ear bud in Petrol/Spirit and start rubbing the charging contents with cotton ear bud.
  • Keep rubbing until the charging content will become shiny and rust free.
  • Now dry the charging contents to remove remaining Petrol/Spirit.
  • Do not use any metallic thing for rubbing as it can cause damage to your charging contents.

If your fitbit is still not charging well then please follow some more steps.

Replace Fitbit’s Battery

Download Replace Tracker’s Battery
Replace Tracker’s Battery

Poor battery condition can also be a reason of charging disorder, monitor your battery level if it is under 25% then it’s time to change the battery. You can monitor your percentage from your dashboard.(Note: Battery change can cause loss of data).

Reset the Fitbit Tracker

Download Reset the Fitbit Tracker
Reset the Fitbit Tracker

A possible problem in Charging Tracker could case charging malfunction, follow the steps in order to reset your Tracker. (Note: The following method will reset your device in order to avoid loss of data please sync your device with PC before resting it.)

  • Securely connect your Fitbit tracker to charging cable and connect to a USB port or UL-certified USB wall charger.
  • Now press the Reset your tracker by putting an paperclip or a thin hair pin in the hole of backside of charger, press and hold for at least 10 sec and it will reset your tracker.
  • Now unplug your tracker and restart it.


Different Fitbit Trackers may have different Reset methods, so read your manual and follow the instruction.


I hope these instructions will help you to resolve your problem, if you have still any problem then please contact your Fitbit’s customer’s support.


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